I think I’m a monkey and I demand a banana!

I got home after midnight last night after spending two days praying for this nation in Washington D.C. One thing for which we prayed was that Christian people will vote this coming Tuesday.

Recently the mayor of Houston ordered five pastors to turn over all of their sermons, e-mails, and texts to their congregations and/or anyone else that they might know, (if they contained any reference to a LGBT sponsored bill she is trying to get passed in Houston).

She is a lesbian and wants anyone to have the legal right to enter and use a bathroom or dressing room, based upon how they feel about themselves. In other words if a 40 year old man states that he thinks that he is in fact a woman, then he will be allowed to use a bathroom for women with your wife, your 9 old daughter, or granddaughter.

Swell! I hope the mayor will also sponsor a bill stating that she or any of her friends who think they are a monkey can go live in a zoo and look for ticks on their friends backs and demand a banana.

Houston is our nation’s fourth largest city. Its mayor is Annise Parker; she is serving her third term. She was elected by winning approximately half of the votes of the 13% of the population of Houston that showed up to vote in the election.

Where were the Christians?

It seems that everyone I encounter seems mad and fearful these days at how wicked our country has become, and how satan is increasing in power. That is just so much rotten baloney friends; we have to accept the blame for the condition of our country ourselves. The LGBT community, the atheists, the Progressives, the special interest groups like the trial lawyers and unions give generously and vote in a solid block while the majority of Christians sit at home and whine about how bad things are getting.

There are good politicians out there and I know many who are honest, God-fearing, smart, and ready to serve, but they are out-funded, attacked by a slanted deadly media out to destroy their reputations, outvoted by a determined bunch that understands the power of the ballot, and sadly they lose more elections than they win.

Mostly we have elected leaders who are unfit to serve and we should be ashamed. They have appointed judges that don’t interpret the constitution; they just make things up and legislate from the bench. We have elected greedy corrupt politicians whose vote is openly for sale and that will flip flop on any issue for the right price or number of votes. We have elected Godless, perverted wicked people who want to legalize drugs, legalize the destruction of the lives of innocent unborn children, destroy marriage as defined by God, destroy religious freedom, and replace decency and morality with depravity and degradation in this great country.

Many don’t think their vote will count. Well think again. Every vote counts and it is the quickest way that I know to begin to stop the insanity that is overtaking our country.

Only 23% of Christians voted in the last presidential election. These days every time I see that smug narcissistic look on Obama’s face as he destroys another vestige of our society with his pen and his phone I think of that statistic.

Vote, encourage others to vote, and pray.

Have a great weekend and go to Honey Lake Church, or somewhere, this weekend.

Exodus 18:21

But select from all the people some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as leaders over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten.

October 31, 2014 - Click here to listen

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