Who you gonna call?

So my wife went to Lowes to buy some supplies and needed to read a label. The problem was that she cannot see without her reading glasses which she couldn’t find. So she set out on a journey throughout Lowes looking for some reading glasses to buy.

She came across a gentleman who worked there and asked if they sold reading glasses. He responded “no”. Exasperated she complained that she didn’t know what she would do, because without reading glasses she couldn’t see anything.

He looked at her with an amused look and wryly quipped, “Well you might try using the pair on your head”. Then he laughed a deep belly laugh. Yep she had her reading glasses on her head and didn’t realize it.

As she was telling me about this today I thought how similar that is sometimes to us as believers. We face the chaos of this frenetic world and seem to want to take matters into our own hands. We anxiously wring them in anxiety as we look everywhere but within for a solution. All the time the Lord is available within each of our spirits 24/7 and none of us need to look any further, but somehow we seem to forget about His presence and eagerness to help us.

We just need to pray. I believe in prayer. I see it work on a daily basis in my life. I saw it work yesterday as I spoke and the Holy Spirit moved throughout that big facility in which I was speaking. I had begun praying at 3:00 a.m. that He would do just that and sure enough God delivered and many were blessed by Him.

God has a plan for you and it is a good plan. His burden is light and His yoke is easy. He stands at the door and knocks patiently waiting for us to ask Him to join us in our daily walk, (especially when facing serious problems).

Several years ago a movie came out with a song, “Ghostbusters”. The chorus to the tune went something like: “Who you gonna call?” and the response blared back: “Ghostbusters!”

We can adapt that to our needs. “Who you gonna call?” I’m gonna respond: “Jesus!”

You might just want to try the solution that is located within your heart. Jesus is standing ready; are you?

Matt. 24:3

He is near, right at the door.

May 5, 2016 – Click here to listen

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