Truth or consequences

Some folks came by my office yesterday to meet about Amendment 2 concerning medical marijuana that will be on the ballot here in Florida in just a few short weeks. I consider myself well read, but was shocked to learn some of the provisions in this insidious measure.

First there is no age limit and no parental permission for teens to use and obtain pot. Further due to HIPPA laws, medical records of users cannot be accessed without a court order in order to determine if your child is using it, or the police.

Second this measure is supposedly designed to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes; however there are no background checks required; there are no caregiver oversight standards of care; no medical training required which means drug addicts, dealers, and/or convicted felons can participate as caregivers!

Third it is illegal to prescribe marijuana due to federal law against its sale and distribution. They get around this law by getting a “recommendation” to use pot for anyone of any age for any ailment from back pain to headaches. So the pill mills and unscrupulous doctors that currently legally sell dangerous drugs like OxyContin will add a new item to their menu and get all the richer.

Finally did you know that if this amendment passes that pot will not be sold at a pharmacy and ONLY at pot shops and/or used on site similar to the head shops in Haight/Ashbury. These shops can also deliver pot right to your home or fraternity house just like ordering a pizza.

This business has also inspired an entire array of “medables” such as pot laced doughnuts, cookies, sodas, “Pot” tarts, suckers, and even cereal for that breakfast of champions. Think some little kids might stumble upon these?

I know that many reading this smoked pot in their youth and see little wrong with it. You did not smoke pot this potent! It is so strong and loaded with THC that it can make you psychotic these days. It is also a known carcinogen and is akin to smoking cigarettes and its risks.

I also used pot and can tell you it is a gateway drug; meaning it often leads to the use of more dangerous drugs as it did with me. Habitual pot use is highly addictive. It lowers IQ and kills all incentive to accomplish anything, (we don’t need that in America); many potheads turn to crime in order to support their habit; marijuana DUI cases will undoubtedly go up.

I counsel young and old addicts nearly every week trying to assist them in freeing themselves of their addictions. Many do not make it and end up in prison or dead. Most of the people I minister to in prison got there due to their addiction problems and nearly 100% began by smoking pot. I’ve seen people die right before my eyes from overdosing on drugs.

So I ask you if you want one of these pot shops to show up in your neighborhood; (since it is purportedly for medical purposes they can show up practically anywhere with virtually no location restrictions in this amendment).

Do you want your children smoking pot? Do you think the odds go up if it becomes legal and no one can find out who is a user due to HIPPA protections?

So who supports this? It is not surprising to see the familiar faces of billionaire progressives George Soros and Peter Lewis, (Progressive Insurance) on a national level spending millions in the process of trying to legalize and normalize drugs. In Florida multi-millionaire personal injury attorney John Morgan (Morgan and Morgan) has spent millions and of course former Governor Charlie Crist is pouring on the charm and trying his best to get drugs legalized.

As with most things of satan, lies become believable when laced with just enough truth to deceive us and like lemmings headed over the cliff many folks just buy into it without even thinking about it. We are in a horrific mess in this country and legalizing drugs is simply going to make things far worse.

The billionaire socialists, lawyers, and flip flopping politicians seemingly want to put another nail in our country’s coffin. Don’t let them do it; vote NO on Amendment Two and get your friends and family to do likewise.

In the end this is about money. The world is ruled by money and not by conviction. If this thing passes some will make a ton of money but it won’t be you and our state and country will lose another battle and take another step lower into a depraved, immoral, and sick society.

Can anyone imagine for a minute that the Lord God wants any of His children to support this amendment?

Not hardly!

He would quote the following verse to us:

Acts 13:10

“You son of the devil, full of every sort of deceit and fraud, and enemy of all that is good! Will you never stop perverting the true ways of the Lord?

Have a great weekend and go to Honey Lake Church (or somewhere) this Sunday.

September 19, 2014 - Click here to listen

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