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October 20 2017 – Click here to listen

I am overwhelmed. No not from work, but from my prayer list. I don’t know what has happened, but in the last two days I’ve been besieged with prayer requests with five more coming in just yesterday. My list was already long, but shows no sign of slowing down.

One was concerning a man who had a huge tree limb fall on his head which split his skull from ear to ear. His brain activity is hardly evident, and I was asked to pray for a miracle. His name is Michael, if you would care to join me, please pray for a miracle for Michael.

Another is from a good friend who is one of most ardent of prayer warriors that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She injured her ankle months ago and was headed for surgery when she attended a healing prayer service. When she went back to the doctor, her foot had miraculously improved to the point the doctor wanted to put off surgery for the foreseeable future. She needs prayer for her foot to continue to heal, but most importantly she has a condition with an aneurism type ailment in her brain. The aspirin she has been taking to quell the pain from her ankle has thinned her blood, and unfortunately, has triggered several mini-strokes. Her name is Joannie.

Another is from one of my best friends, former Florida Speaker of the House and President of FSU, – T.K Wetherell. He’s been fighting cancer for fifteen years and a side effect of the chemo treatment he is currently taking has damaged his kidneys and now he must endure an operation to save his kidney.

Another best friend is in Hollywood pursuing getting his fascinating powerful life story, which began in early life with him living a life of crime – to redemption – to miraculously getting released from prison – to becoming a tremendous global prison ministry evangelist made into a movie. He is very close to success and talking to the right people. His name is Jack “Murf the Surf” Murphy. This powerful story needs to be told and this may be the last best chance to get it done.

A friend of mine has a son who just entered rehab for treatment of opioid addiction. It is not his first try to get set free from his addiction. He joins a list of similar young people for whom I’m praying that suffer similar circumstances. I’m praying that he will turn to God for life-changing transformation. If he does not, he will die or end up in prison.
I counseled two other young men who died within weeks of completion of rehab just in the last few months. He needs prayer.

The mother of the leader of the Jesus Alliance prayer intervention team, Maureen Bravo, just had a stroke. The shoe is now on the other foot for Maureen. She spends the entirety of her life praying for others, but now needs prayers for her mother.

All these new prayer requests just came in. My entire list is so long it takes considerable time just to read it, much less pray for all of them. One of the people who sent one told me that he sent it to me, because he knew I would pray. He went on to say that so many people say I’ll pray for you and then don’t. I can’t speak to that but he is right in saying I will pray, because I believe in prayer and have seen it work in my own life as well as in the lives of others.

I can only imagine how many prayers God receives daily. What a beautiful mind He has. I fret over my list and stand in awe when I think how His must look. The Bible assures us that He hears each of our individual prayer requests and answers them.

Sometimes the answer is no and sometimes yes. Some may question where God is when the answer is no. He is right there with us the same as when the answer is yes. I don’t question God’s decisions anymore. I don’t get mad when the answer is no. I have faith that God knows far more than I know, and I believe the Bible when it states that all things turn out good for those who love the Lord. He has a good reason for His “no”; every time He answers that way. I might not see the good from it materialize in my lifetime, or understand it, but God’s word is solid.

There is nothing more powerful in our arsenal of weapons with which to defend ourselves from Satan and his demonic horde than prayer. I urge you to pray ceaselessly. And don’t forget to offer thanks to our loving Creator, even when we are denied our request . . .

Thess. 5:17

Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus . . . 

Have a great weekend and go to church this Sunday!

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