Skating rinks in hell?

I have been befuddled for years when witnessing to some about the need for the blood sacrifice of Jesus to cover our sins in order to escape total separation from God forever and being cast into a place of torment and darkness called hell.

Instead of accepting this as fact, many rebel and say that they haven’t done anything that was “so bad”, and a God of love would never condemn them to hell for the few measly sins that they have committed.

We can look to Noah’s flood and easily and logically understand that even though He is a God of love, He is holy and just and punishes sin. God’s judgment for violation of His laws is terrifying. Noah preached for 120 years without a single convert (outside of his family). The Lord finally reached the point whereby He told Noah and his family to get on the ark and the rains began. Everyone who was left behind was utterly destroyed.

Today that episode in human history serves as a fearful and grim reminder that God is holy and His judgment is without favoritism when it comes to sin. There were people who perished in the flood who were filled and overflowing with terrible sin and there were people who were “not all that bad” in their own eyes and in the eyes of that society; however, when they rejected God, they were all on their own and they all perished without God’s protection.

According to God there must be punishment for sin and God doesn’t give “timeouts” and instruct us to stand in the corner when we sin. If you want to know how He feels about sin, read about what Jesus went through when He took the punishment for our sins and was crucified. In Romans 6:23 it plainly states that the wages, (consequences) of sin is death, but the free gift of God (Jesus) is eternal life.

God’s holiness did not allow Him to even spare His own son the agonizing punishment of taking the sins of the world upon Himself. Jesus had to live through the horror of being painfully crucified and for the first time in all of creation to have the Father turn His back on Him because He could not bear to look upon the sins that were taken on by His own Son. After absorbing the foregoing what would make anyone possibly think that God will allow them to “skate” for their sins is beyond understanding for a simple person like me.

So what does this say. Some might foolishly think that we can ignore God and hope that our loving Father will spare us our sins, (even though He did not spare His own son), or we can receive God’s free gift of grace and follow Jesus. As for me and my family, just like Noah we are following Jesus! And I praise His name for loving me so much that he took the punishment for my many dark sins and set me free.

Romans 3:23

For ALL have sinned and fall short . . .

July 25 2016 – Click here to listen

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