Friendship is wealth

I have always put an extremely high value on friendship. Good friends are something of tremendous value and should be treated as such and actually I have quite a few friends so I consider myself quite wealthy with friends, and I am looking to add to my wealth. How about you? Do you have many friends? Maybe you are poor as a preacher paying his way through seminary

OK maybe you do not have as many folks that you consider a true and good friend, so what? The Bible warns us against not having friends. Specifically it tells us that a man who isolates himself, is self centered and rages’ against all wise judgment. OK, you buy into the fact that God instructs that it is better to have friends than be friendless, how does one go about finding friends? Like most items of value we have to work hard to build our wealth. So step one is to make a commitment to expending some effort. Proverbs tells us that a man who has friends must himself be friendly and should stick closer than a brother. “Oh no, I’ have to be friendly?” Yep not only that you must stick closer than a brother.

“Stick closer than a brother”? That is pretty strong. When I was in my wild and reckless youth, it was understood in the schoolyard, bar rooms, or anywhere that you better not mess with either my brother or me unless you wanted to deal with BOTH of us. We argued and fought to no end amongst ourselves but when the going got tough, we stuck together and covered each other’s backs right up until the last dog died and anyone who knew us clearly understood this fact or found out in a hurry. The same commitment should hold true with friends. We cannot be fair weather friends and at the first sign of trouble dump and run. We should be fiercely loyal. The bottom line is friends stick together through thick and thin just like the Bible tells us to do.

Herein lays the problem. Some people seem to dwell on the faults of the people that surround them. A good look in the mirror should be enough to make us understand that we have faults too, but I would wager that the most common reason that many folks do not have very many good friends is that they find faults in everyone that they know. They spend most of their time ripping everyone they know apart and are quick to point out that someone has a quick temper, or untidy house, or they smack when they eat, or they are always late, or they are domineered by their wife, or they are domineered by their husband, and on and on. So what? Take a look in the mirror, Jesus is the only person that ever lived or ever will that was perfect.

Most people’s good points far outweigh their bad, so look for the good in people and do not focus on the bad. A good friend will overlook the faults of a friend and even, (when solicited), lovingly work with them to help them overcome their problems and expect the same in return. Treat them like you would like to be treated and that means loving them ALL of the time just like the Bible plainly tells us and you too can be rich!

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times

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