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My wife and I were praying for the families of those killed in yesterday’s mass shooting. Normally I lead us in prayer, but I asked her to pray. Midway in the prayer she could hardly continue. She was praying for the families and she began sobbing and weeping. She felt so much anguish for the parents of the children who were lost in that tragedy she could barely continue.

I thought about how sad it is that so many people in our country have become so desensitized to tragedy, death, and violence. We hear of a mass shooting, or someone murdering dozens of people by running them down with a truck, but too often we don’t feel the pain of those involved at a personal level.

It reminds me of how I used to be when I lived on the streets. One day when I was a homeless drifter I was walking through a very dangerous area in Greenwich Village NYC.
I came upon an old man who was wearing tattered clothes lying on the sidewalk on his back dead. The image of blank expressionless eyes staring away at nothing remains with me today. I assume he had frozen to death as it was brutally cold the previous night.

I just stepped over the body and kept on walking. Life didn’t mean all that much at that time of my life. People die all the time on the streets. Some OD, some are murdered, a few commit suicide, and of course many die from natural causes. The odd thing is that hardly anyone pays much attention including the police and the ambulance drivers who pick them up. I believe many in our country are fast approaching a level of desensitized indifference and life is no longer sacred or cherished.

Imagine how the parents feel when their child is suddenly murdered and how painful it will be to make funeral arrangements including picking out a casket, choosing the clothes they will wear, selecting the music that will be played, viewing their loved ones in a casket, and going in their bedroom and seeing all those things that were special to them. And then they must face all those who will come to offer their condolences and mourn.

The hardest thing of all will be to realize that their little boy or girl won’t be coming home ever again.

I believe that Satan is trying his utmost to destroy our children. Unborn children are being murdered by the millions, child rape is an epidemic and growing worse daily, the family is under attack with people promoting gay marriage, becoming transgender, communist teachers brainwashing them against common decency, and of course mass murders at schools.

Where does it come from?

From the pit of hell.

One would think that a normal society would be grief-stricken, but all too often a shake of the head and muttering that is terrible is the extent of it. In a few days the media will be back to bashing Trump about some comment he tweeted, and the children will continue to suffer.

I was having dinner with a couple the other night and they asked about the anti-Child Rape project currently being worked on in the Jesus Alliance. I began explaining the basics of what happens and how innocent children 3-4 years old are repeatedly tortured, raped, and sodomized by old men and as I began graphically explaining how these children suffer and die, my friend held up his hands and politely said:

STOP! It’s too upsetting.

I’ve had similar reactions when pointing out how abortionists rip the limbs off babies one leg and arm at a time with a pair of forceps and how it has been medically proven that these children feel pain.

STOP! It’s too upsetting.

Or how some crazed gunman shoots a beautiful little boy or girl in the head.

STOP! It’s too upsetting


We need to have this discussion! A friend of mine has an anti-sex trafficking ministry called Enough is Enough. That’s where I am. Enough is Enough! We need to empathize, weep, and anguish over our children and then act in demanding that our government, police, prosecutors, and judges protect our children. We should demand that laws be enforced against the perverts that rape innocent children, laws be changed to protect innocent babies.

The Jesus Alliance was created to unite Christians all over the world to speak with one voice to make the world a better place. If you know of a way to create awareness without talking about the brutal facts surrounding what is really going on in this demonic war against our children, please write to me and offer some suggestions.

Jesus loves children and entrusts us to protect them. Woe to us if we as a nation refuse to protect them . . .

Matt. 19:14

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Have a great weekend and go to church this Sunday.

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