The nature of the beast

May 23 2017 – Click here to listen

So, last night 22 people, mainly children, were brutally murdered and 59 injured in a terrorist bombing in Manchester UK. It seems ISIS is celebrating the slaughter of innocent children with tweets going around the world.

Today I’m in Virginia conducting meetings in an effort to create a federal law that will stiffen penalties against depraved people who pay big money to rape and do unspeakable acts of depravity to innocent young children. These kids are suffering horribly and dying young at the hands of monsters.

I read this morning where a couple has been charged with murder for starving their daughter to death. She weighed just seven pounds when she died.

And lest we forget, we are rapidly approaching 60 million slaughtered babies via abortion in this country alone.

These are just some atrocities being leveled at our most vulnerable citizens. Check out this video of a man making fun of the way a young man with cerebral palsy walks and then sucker punches him.

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And yet many in our society do not believe in Satan and evil. Polls tend to show that Americans are a largely religious people, with something close to 95 percent claiming some belief in God, and large numbers saying they think that Heaven exists, and so do angels.

But the people who respond to those polls appear to have an easier time with believing in good than evil. Barna Research Group reported that nearly two-thirds of Americans do not believe that Satan is a living entity.

In a nationwide telephone survey of 1,007 randomly selected people Barna’s pollsters asked whether they agreed that Satan is ”not a living being, but is merely a symbol of evil.” Sixty-two percent agreed with the statement, while 30 percent disagreed; the remaining 8 percent had no opinion. In a similar poll people were asked whether they thought hell existed as an actual location, ”a place of physical torment.” Only 31 percent said they thought it did.

Wow only 1/3 of us believe that Satan is a real personage, the merciless enemy of all God’s people, the embodiment of evil, and not someone to be taken lightly.

Assuming some of you who are reading this believe similarly, I have a question for you. How do you explain the various news items for the day that I listed above? If evil does not exist, what is going on?

Get a grip. Satan is real and he is not running around with a pitchfork and moustache with forked tail. Billy Graham warned: Don’t think of Satan as a harmless cartoon character with a red suit and a pitchfork. He is very clever and powerful, and his unchanging purpose is to defeat God’s plans at every turn – including His plans for your life. — Billy Graham, The Journey

We also learn in the Bible that Satan is a dangerous enemy. He is a serpent who can bite us when we least expect it. He is a destroyer (Revelation 12:11) . . . He has great power and intelligence, and a host of demons who assist him in his attacks against God’s people (Ephesians 6:11).

Maybe you don’t believe the Bible and/or you want to cut and paste the items you dislike and like. Go to a holocaust museum, or read the news any day that you choose, and then look someone in the eye and say with a clear conscience that evil does not exist.

Evil exists and Satan is the embodiment of it. The nature of this beast is clearly defined in the Bible. He is a murderer, slanderer, tempter, deceiver, liar and father of all lies; he is a destroyer, and is akin to a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Surveys confirm that many believers do not believe that Satan even exists. If this is true, then the Bible isn’t true. That is a dangerous position to take.

Don’t be deceived by the deceiver. Satan is real and the Lord will put him in the bottom of the deepest pit in hell at the end of this age. Those who follow him will likewise be separated from all that is good and join him there. Just look around and you will see all the evidence you need of both God and Satan. Make the right choice my friends while there is yet time.

Matthew 25:41

Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

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