How to be patient

January 12 2018 – Click here to listen

I am not known for my patience. Then how could I ever advise anyone about patience you might ask. Easy . . .  there are lots of things that the Bible teaches that we cannot master ourselves, but can still be taught. In fact no person can live up to Gods expectations and patience is one of His expectations. Jesus was the only one who ever lived a perfect life and in order to learn anything we must always go to His example and God’ s holy word the Bible, not ourselves.

I have as one of my goals to increase my patience. Unlike many people I do work on my goals throughout the year, not just in January. So far, I do think I have improved in the area of patience; however I have a long way to go. My plan is to search the Bible for some tips on patience. Not surprisingly I found that the Bible states that patience is produced from the testing of our faith. I am one who is quick to say that I have unswerving faith, but I do not have much patience. Hmmmm . . .  is that a paradox?

I told someone the other day that I know God hears me, and I know that he always answers prayer, but I cannot always hear Him or know His will for my life. This drives me crazy because I earnestly want to follow His will for my life, and without direction I feel like I might be helplessly adrift. I want that straight-forward direction and I want it now. Hmmmm . . . when you think about it, if He has not sent a straight-forward answer, maybe it is because He wants us to patiently wait on Him to lead us. Who am I to give almighty God ultimatums? I can answer that, I am an imperfect servant who wants to please God, but is going about it the wrong way. God is on His timetable, not mine. He will always answer the right answer, in His own time, according to His own plan as to what is best for me. Faith is trusting God to deliver in a time frame that is appropriate. Make sense?

James 3:3

Knowing that the testing of  your faith produces patience.

Have a great weekend and go to church this Sunday!

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