The beginning or the end?

The election is tomorrow. Never have the stakes been this high for Christians. Please watch this short video documentary in its entirety to get a good idea of how bad it is and what we are up against.

Powerful forces have attempted to take down this website and if it’s down when you attempt to watch it, go to this one:

Who do you think the largest contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign might be? The person exposed in this video. His Open Society Foundation has spent nearly $11 billion to radically transform America and Hillary is goose stepping to his orders.

They are behind partial birth abortion, drug legalization, open borders, unprecedented attacks on religious freedom, sexual perversion, the destruction of marriage and the family unit, gun confiscation, financing radical groups like Black Lives Matter, and so on. No use me chronicling it, the documentary video above produced by a highly respected Harvard grad says it all. (Pray for her she is literally risking her life to get the truth out.)

26 million Christians did not vote in the last election. Obama won by 4 million votes. It is sickening to think of it. People are fasting and praying all over the world non-stop for this election and have been doing so for quite some time and yet other Christians are sitting out the election. We will either have a new beginning on Wednesday morning or I believe God will judge this nation for its 52 million abortions, embracing perversion, corruption, lies, immorality, and degenerate behavior that is overwhelming our nation.

A friend told me yesterday at church that her sister in law posted to Facebook that it was the proudest moment of her life to cast her vote for Hillary Clinton and finally women would have equal opportunity in this country. It reminds me of another friend who voted for Obama. She told me that it was time for an African American to be elected president. (She voted against him when he ran for his second term.) Can you imagine casting your vote for such an insane objective?

I know a prophet who has a very special relationship with God. I asked him about the election and he had not received word about who the winner will be from God, but he did say that if Clinton wins, the nation will suffer greatly and it will likely precipitate an unprecedented revival. Since he is desirous of that outcome, he sees good ultimately coming out of our suffering. He would prefer to see Trump get in and begin righting our sinking ship now, but wonders if our nation has suffered enough through 8 years of Obama. Will enough of us get off the couch and vote and encourage others to, or do we need 4 or even 8 more long years of Hillary and her corrupt entourage radically changing our country beginning with nominating Supreme Court judges who will rubber stamp her communist leaning agenda.

Only God knows.

If you haven’t voted for Donald Trump yet, please do so. And whatever you do, join those of us who are praying day and night and asking God to have mercy on us for our sins . . . The Bible tells us that God hears those prayers as we cry out to Him. I just pray He will be moved to tears with us and give us a reprieve.

2 Chron. 7:14

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

November 7 2016 – Click here to listen

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