Porky Pig beware!

It was kind of nice to watch the Olympics for a refreshing change from 24/7 reporting of the worst society has to offer and the lies of politics. Seeing all of those young athletes who had willingly sacrificed so much to reach Rio compete and excel was like a cool breeze on a hot day compared to the news it replaced.

Sometimes I wonder why people can’t just get along already. I of course know the answer to that question. We are engaged in a war of good against evil. Satan wants to destroy everything good about our lives and God wants the opposite.

I read this morning of a classic battle of good versus evil. A Black Mass ceremony entitled “The Consumption of the Mary by Jai Kali Maa” will be staged at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. It will be led by Devil worshiper Adam Daniels, a convicted sex offender. Daniels stated: “Part of our religion is to have our God attack other gods”. He went on to say that Followers of Ahriman will destroy a blood drenched statue of the Virgin Mary and be followed by the consumption of a pig heart inside.

According to the website of the Satanist Ahrimanis, their creed includes the following beliefs:

  • “I declare myself a Mainyu-Devotee, a supporter of the Devil’s Prophet.”
  • “I renounce the pious and the righteous enslavement, and vow to damage and plunder their spiritual Settlements.”
  • “I want freedom from enslavement and stifling religious law  . . .  I vow this: I shall continue to damage and plunder the righteous spiritual settlements, even at risk of life and limb.”
  • “I work with the Daevas as equals, the wicked, evil, lawless, evil knowing, the most Druj-like of beings, the foulest of beings, the most damaging of beings. I am in collusion with the Daevas and their comrades, I am in collusion with the Dews and their comrades, I am in collusion with them through my evil thoughts, evil words and evil deeds. I am in collusion with them publicly.”

Among the Ahrimani “steps of faith” are these:

  • “Those who are without should be enveloped into your veil as cast by the nature of the Serpent.”
  • “As in Hell, we should amass power, strength, and pleasure. Never allow yourself to become drunk with any.”
  • “While we are upon this Earth, never forget that our actions and reputation speaks louder than any words. Ask, what can be destroyed to create something better.”

Timothy Tardibono with the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma has organized a prayer rally as an alternative. Tardibono said the Christian, peaceful message Monday is a simple one. “Light always wins out over darkness, love always beats hate and If you want to participate in light and love then come out,”

Hmmm . . . One has to wonder why there are so many among us that choose darkness over light; chaos over order; hate over love . . .

Seems strange to want to eat a pig’s heart; Porky the pig better stay out of Oklahoma today . . .

John 3:19

And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil.

August 16 2016 – Click here to listen

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