Why doesn’t God stop the evil?

I was talking to a Lebanese friend of mine last night who works extensively in the Middle East to battle ISIS. She told me that ISIS is slaughtering Christians at an unbelievable pace reminiscent of Hitler’s Auschwitz death camps of World War Two. Of paramount concern is the taking of children and forcing them into the sex slave market. The average price for a child sex slave is $90 and those who buy them prefer children who are age 12 or thereabouts. Most are female but boys are sold as well. My friend is hosting a meeting in L.A. to discuss ways to address the matter and invited me to come.

So where are the liberation troops? She told me that she will soon be moving her office out of the United States to the UK because President Obama will not allow anything to be done about it and she does not see U.S. policy changing until after he leaves office.

She said the European leaders understand the problem and are far more receptive to attempting to rescue these children and move them to camps. When I went to Oregon two weeks ago I heard the exact same thing from some brave men who are fighting front line battles in Northern IRAQ launching clandestine raids under the radar, (with no US military support), trying to release captured Yazidi girls and relocate them to safe houses and camps. (These little girls are highly valued in the sex trade for their gorgeous blue and green eyes.)

Satan is murderous and evil. The Bible is clear about that. I received a two page letter yesterday that was ranting against God. This fellow blamed all of the atrocities going on in the world on God and said a loving God would never allow such suffering to continue.

He was very wrong about a couple of things. First God is not to blame for the evil in the world. Satan is responsible and he has been given authority by our sin. God warned against sin and its consequences. That warning was ignored and the consequences became reality.

So why doesn’t God put an end to it? I would ask you to think that one through. The Bible states that at a time of His choosing that He IS going to put an end to it. Why not now? Well when He does, there will no longer be any hope of redemption for those who have not received Christ. The book will be closed and those who are lost will be judged and sent to hell with no chance of pardon. There will be huge numbers of people going to hell forever when that day arrives.

God loves us so much that in spite of our sins He is patiently withholding that terrible Day of Judgment so that more can be saved. Do you know anyone who has not received Christ? No one can know the heart of another, but I know several people who are vocally unrepentant and some are friends of mine that I’ve been witnessing to. If Christ were to return today, what would happen to them? The Bible states they will be separated from the love and light of God and will be doomed to hell forever. And hell is no laughing matter; no one talked more about how horrible hell is than Jesus Christ himself.

As bad and as evil as things are today, we are to continue preaching the gospel to a world that mostly spurns our efforts in order that none would be lost. God thinks it’s worth it and who am I to question His judgment and mysterious love for a fallen world.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.

September 28, 2015 – Click here to listen

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